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Nov 08, 2015 · I got a big speed boost on PS3 and PS4 from changing the DNS servers on my router to the OpenDNS ones: You can set these on your PS4 if you don't want to mess with router settings.

CPU. Number of Cores/Threads: 8/8 ; Frequency: speculated to be running a base clock speed of 1.6 Ghz on a 2.75 Ghz capable chip; Shared L2 Cache: 2 x 2 MB ; Manufacturing Process: 28 nm ; Custom Jun 01, 2020 · The PS4 is nearly seven years old, and while games are looking better than ever on the dated tech, the system is showing its age in other ways. You will have immediate access to the PSN Card code which you can then redeem on your Playstation Network (PSN) account, or you can gift it to a friend. What you can buy with a Playstation Card Games, all digital games available on the Playstation store for the following devices: PS4, PS3, PS VR, PS Vita/PS TV/PSP Fortnite the worlds most If your credit or debit card is registered to an address in a different country to that of your PlayStation Store region, you may find that they cannot be linked. If you are using the PlayStation Store in North America, you will need to use a domestic debit or credit card with a North American billing address.

2nd option is. If you have a laptop or a PC near the PS4. If this laptop/PC is connected to the internet via wifi. You can connect the PS4 to the PC/Laptop and share the internet connection. It won't be as good as homeplugs. But since the wifi card in the PC/laptop will be much better than the crap one in the PS4. You should see some improvements.

Wired connection (LAN) Your PS4 system has to be connected to your router via an Ethernet cable. From the PS4 home screen, go to [Settings] > [Network] > [Set Up Internet Connection]. so my PS4 used to connect to the internet just fine, I havent changed anything with my modem router or PS4 network settings and now the PS4 doesnt connect to PSN (i can use the internet browser on the PS4 but it loads/connect rrereeaalllll slow).