LibreELEC (short for Libre Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) is a non-profit fork of OpenELEC as an open source software appliance, a just enough Linux distro for Kodi.

You can press an older computer or small form-factor PC into service as a dedicated media server and center using XBMC at its core via a number of specially constructed Linux builds. And if space is tight – or you’d like to run XBMC directly off a USB flash drive or SD card – then OpenELEC is the build to go for. New OpenELEC-RPi r18101-g261c08e Release Image OpenELEC RPi image r18101-g261c08e nightly build is now available for download. This build is for Raspberry Pi (RPi) devices only. Name Last Modified Size Type; OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.1.img.gz: 2018-Jan-31 12:00:55: 220.4M: application/gzip: OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.1.tar: 2018-Jan-31 12 LibreELEC is, like OpenELEC, also optimized to be used with flash based drives, like compact flash, USB drives, or SSD harddrives. This fork of OpenELEC was announced in March of 2016 as a split from the OpenELEC team after "creative differences", taking with it a number of active developers at the time which joined the new LibreELEC project.

Manual Update / Migration from OpenELEC (.tar) LibreELEC update files are compatible with OpenELEC. To migrate transfer the manual update file over to /storage/.update/ or the “Updates” samba share before rebooting to start the update process. The same file is used for v2 and v3 devices: LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.2.5.tar

SUPPORT & ASSISTANCE. The wiki team have created instructions for the app, and we have added a forum area where you can ask for support, provide feedback, and report issues. Mar 04, 2016 · OpenELEC is a Linux distribution designed for home theater PCs and based on the Kodi media player. What’s New in OpenELEC 6.0.3 Release? This new OpenELEC 6.0.3 contains some improvements as a maintenance version, as well as some features backtracked from the upcoming OpenELEC 7.0 release.

OpenELEC is an embedded operating system built specifically to run Kodi (formerly known as XBMC), the open source entertainment media hub. The idea behind OpenELEC is to allow people to use their Home Theatre PC (HTPC) like any other device you might have attached to your TV, like a DVD player or Sky box. What is OpenELEC? OpenELEC is a Linux based Operating System (OS) that is specifically designed for media playback. Many people use OpenELEC to run Kodi - using it as the default user interface. OpenELEC is popular because it is "just enough operating system" to get the job done. It is also able to boot extremely fast. Mar 09, 2016 · OpenELEC is an OS with “just enough operating system” to support Kodi. The focus with this combination is to keep the OS clean and simple with great support for Kodi the media player. Kodi supports most audio, image and video formats and excels at managing streaming sources. The OpenELEC brings a lot of good features right to the MX2, included (but not limited to) native 1080p playback in XBMC, slimmed down firmware, and advanced XBMC options. If you’re not familiar with OpenELEC, check out their website for more information about who and what they are. Getting Started and Some Precautions OpenELEC Forum Generic Forum SPECIAL SYSTEMS Raspberry PI Installation OpenELEC Forum Generic Forum SPECIAL SYSTEMS Raspberry PI Installation OpenELEC Forum Generic