If Personal Hotspot is not working on your iPhone or iPad

Mac Laptop Wireless and Wired internet doesn't work Nov 03, 2008 Solved: Internet doesn't work early in the morning. | Tech Sep 30, 2010

Wireless internet doesn't work on laptop at school (Ubuntu

Oh no! WiFi connected but no Internet — What to do? WiFi connected but no Internet: Start with the router. To identify router problems, connect other … When Wi-Fi doesn't work, try these things first | PCWorld Jul 13, 2015

If yes, then the internet may be the problem. If not, the internet or the Wi-Fi could be causing your lack of access. If you click on the Wi-Fi icon, you should see an internet connection map of sorts — this will look a little different, depending on what operating system your computer uses. The window will show where connections occur.

Before your restart or shut down your PC, make sure to save all necessary work to prevent data loss. Open the Charms Menu by moving your cursor to the right corner of the screen. Click on the Settingsicon. If your Mac doesn't connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi Jan 16, 2020