Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server licensing issues and

Windows 2003 Group Policies allow the administrators to manage a group of people accessing a resource efficiently. The group policies can be used to control both the users and computers. They give better productivity to administrators and save their time by allowing them to manage all the users and computers centrally in just one go. Virtualize Terminal Services |VMware Communities Feb 18, 2010 Windows Server 2003 – Administering Remotely – HeelpBook

Feb 18, 2010

Install mode and execute mode work the same for both Terminal Services on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. Both versions of Windows contain logic that attempts to "force" you to remember to use install mode for installing applications. If you try to run a program like setup.exe or install.exe, the system will display a pop up box asking you to Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services and CAL distribution Windows Server 2003 server running the Licensing Service. To keep it simple, I've got a Windows Server 2003 server running Terminal Services. I have another Windows Server 2003 server that is not running Terminal Services but is running the Licensing Service. Both are AD member servers. The Licensing server has been activated with 150 TS User CALs.

Get the in-depth technical details you need to support TCP/IP on the Windows® Server 2003 platform with this comprehensive technical guide. Combining concepts with packet examples, it steps layer by layer through the TCP/IP protocols and services that Windows Server 2003 supports to help you understand how they work and how they’re implemented in the operating system.

Windows Server 2003 Administrative Tools - dummies In Windows Server 2003, the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) hosts tools called MMC snap-ins. You can access these Windows Server 2003 administrative tools by either Using the Start→Administrative Tools menu Typing the name of the launch file in the Run dialog box (Start→Run) Name Launch file Function Active Directory Domains and Trusts domain.msc Manages trusts […] windows server 2003 networking - 1) use a windows server 2003 in LAN-A as smtp/pop server. 2) connect lan-a to this server and send/receive messages through outlook. 3) connect one pc (win xp) in lan-b to this server (on 2nd NIC) and send/receive messages through outlook. 4) most important no pc on LAN-B should be able to access my files in LAN-A. Windows Server 2003– Overview, Versions and Features This version of Windows OS provides many features, one of them is compatibility mode which runs older applications more efficiently. Different Editions and features of Windows 2003 Server. Windows Server 2003 Web. The main purpose of Windows Server 2003 Web operating system is to create and host web applications as well as XML web services.