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VPNetMon - No source code. Windows only. Checks every, let's say 500 ms, if the VPN IP is still valid, if not, kill a list of applications. This is not very secure, it's a game if that time period is sufficient to stop a leak and if killing the applications is fast enough. Nice looking user interface. OPENVPN Watchdog - No source code. Windows VBA to Call EDGE Browser - social.msdn.microsoft.com Aug 28, 2015 Top 5 VPN Watcher Alternatives to Protect from VPN

VPNetMon - Phần mềm đóng ứng dụng khi kết nối VPN bị ngắt

ibVPN Reviews - Invisible Browsing VPN ibVPN specializes in providing invisible browsing VPN’s – in other words, VPN’s that can connect you to the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, France and several other countries regardless of where you live whilst not keeping any activity logs of your usage. This allows you to access geo-restricted services and websites like the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Zattoo, Netflix, Pandora and many others, while Can any body help with VPNetMon 0.91 software | My Digital Nov 26, 2009

This is a simple tool called VPNetMon to monitor your VPN connection. It simply closes the application of your choice when the VPN connection is down. If closing the application is not possible it will kill the application process the hard way. Currently VPNetMon should run fine with Windows XP and Net Framework 2.0.

As a result, I wanted to check out VPNetMon to do this for me as a third-party application but that isn't working with PIA right now, presumably because of the PIA settings I enabled. And now, after disabling the Kill Switch and DNS Protection, I cannot connect to my regular internet connection without having to also be connected to the VPN client. بالا 5 VPN فرشته جایگزین برای محافظت از VPN قطع - dr.fone