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I've been doing some basic tests. I seem to be getting interesting results about download speeds - is it the norm to have uploads faster than downloads for a speed test? Please see image below for results (taken at 2:28am, Sydney time), just curious. The test was carried out using an ethernet connection to the DEVG2020 (Netgear) router . Thanks! Sometimes slow upload speeds are the fault of your Internet Service Provider. We recommend a high speed internet connection with high upload speeds. Often with Cable and DSL, the upload speed is significantly slower than the download speed. This will result in fast loading times for most websites and file downloads, but slow uploads. The average U.S. fixed broadband download speed was 64.17 Mbps (15th in the world) in the first half of 2017, while the average upload speed was 22.79 Mbps (24th in the world), according to data released today from internet speed test company Ookla. Jun 25, 2018 · How to get Maximum Internet Speed (UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD) 2019! #MH4K In this video, you will see how to increase ISP connection download and upload speed with some TCP registry value.

May 17, 2011 · Upload is 5-7 times faster than download. HSPA+ speeds seem pretty normal though. Is it congestion? Because the results are similar whether its 5pm or 11pm.

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