Jul 05, 2020 · VUDU ranks 65 of 290 in Games and Movies category. The overall rating of the company is 2.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Don’t pre order on VUDU", "Love Vudu". Reviewers write the most about Vudu Customer Care and give it 2.2 stars out of 5.

431 reviews for VUDU, 2.0 stars: 'Our account is still not working. We can no longer watch the movies we purchased. It's been almost 2 weeks since this ticket was first made. It should not take this long to correct the problem. I demand to speak with someone in charge who can fix the problem today without any further delays or excuses. Prior to this, we had been customers for 8 years, it's I submitted a case to Vudu's support group on June 1st because I was unable to view some movies on Vudu from my Ultraviolet account. I recieved a response the same day from one of their customer care representatives and she acknowledged the problem and said they would look into it. Overcharged by Vudu, customer care refuses to help Recently I made two purchases from the Deals [Edit: evidently it's called "My Offers", not Deals] page of the Vudu app on my Roku: Running Man, which was advertised at $5 for the UHD version, and a 4-movie Murder Mystery Bundle (HDX), advertised for $14.99. Already have a Vudu or Walmart.com account? Sign in. Watch Dec 10, 2019 · Vudu reserves the right to confirm or deny the movie rental transaction and eligibility. Customer must contact Vudu within 24 hours from the stoppage of the movie rental via the toll-free Customer Care line at 1-888-554-8838 between the hours of 7am-12am PST or email at support@vudu.com.

VUDU customer support is rude, difficult, and unyielding. I bought a ROKU box. Mistyped an email address, and the easiest answer from the VUDU people is to return the ROKU unit and buy another one that doesn't have an assigned email address. I cannot call ROKU before their 8 p.m. cutoff hour.

Mar 15, 2010 · I have questions concerning a company called vudu (Vudu.com) they are an online download for fee service for movies. they were bought by walmart and walmart disagrees with the adult content titles so they came through the internet to my hard drive in my house and deleted movies that I already owned, they want to give me my money back, But if i didn't want the movies i wouldn't have bought them Absolutely atrocious customer service and their Vudu2Go is a piece of junk. Attempted Disc2Digital on several DVD/Blu-rays that are listed as available on Vudu but the Vudu2Go program would not process. Contacted Vudu several times as to their buggie software and not 1 response from them. Reel in some trout, redfish and flounder with help from the Egret Baits 3 in Vudu Vixen Shad Swim Bait. Featuring a lifelike design with eyes, this lure is made of TPE and has a 3/0 single hook to secure your catch.

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Thank you for contacting Vudu Customer Care! We are glad that you have reached out to us. I will provide further assistance. I am really sorry to know that some of your movies were deleted. Upon further verification, the movies deleted were InstaWatch titles. The reason for these titles being deleted is, the titles were not redeemed to the Vudu: Disc + Digital "is a service we no longer provide Thank you for contacting Vudu Customer Care. Our Disc Plus Digital program has ended for the time being. It is unfortunately, a service we no longer provide. You can still use Wal-mart.com as a source to order physical copies as well. Vudu - Watch Movies Say hello to movies & TV on Vudu. Phones & Tablets. Mobile devices and the Vudu app.It's a dream stream. Available for Android and iOS. Blu-ray Players. Play on, player. Watch Vudu on your connected Blu-ray player. Get Device Support. Watch . Spotlight. Movies. TV. Free. My Account . My Vudu. Account. Settings. Manage Devices. Features . Lists. My VUDU - Manage Account I certify that I am at least 18 years old and that I agree to the Terms and Policies and Privacy Policy.This service is for the U.S. only.