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Lessons from the Stasi – A cautionary tale on mass German organisation OpenDataCity estimates that while the Stasi archives would fill 48,000 filing cabinets, just one US government server could store so much data that, if printed out, the reams of paper would fill 42 trillion filing cabinets. We know very little about what the NSA does with all this data. Images from the Secret Stasi Archives - Simon Menner presents images from the East German State Security Service archives to reflect on how photography was used by the Stasi as a tool to train spies, conduct secret home searches, and track people’s daily movements. Stasi – The Text Message Tag: Stasi Records Lost and Found, or, Dresden on the Eve of Destruction November 14, 2011 August 15, 2018 by davidlangbart , posted in State and Foreign Affairs , World War II

Oct 08, 2012

The Stasi building was a stone’s throw away from the villa where the KGB had its offices. “This is no proof that he worked for the Stasi,” Douglas Selvage, who works for the Stasi archives Customer reviews: Top Secret: Images from the Top Secret: Images from the Stasi Archives plumbs the immense collection of intelligence and photographs once gathered by the Stasi, East Germany's secret police. Menner spent two years with the Stasi's archives, which contain some 1.4 million photographs. During his research, Menner realized how "the public has very limited access to pictures 30 years after Berlin Wall's fall, Stasi archive move

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Stasi Archives - Nordicum-Mediterraneum The film was based on some documents that the authors had had access to after the opening of the Stasi archives in Germany and it spurred some discussion in the Icelandic media. [30] The name of the banker Guðmundur Ágústsson came up, as it appeared that he had been a Stasi … Piecing Together 'The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle' : NPR Oct 08, 2012