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vncserver(1): start/stop VNC server - Linux man page vncserver is used to start a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) desktop.vncserver is a Perl script which simplifies the process of starting an Xvnc server. It runs Xvnc with appropriate options and starts a window manager on the VNC desktop. vncserver can be run with no options at all. In this case it will choose the first available display number (usually :1), start Xvnc with that display number Handling System Restart Required on Ubuntu Nov 20, 2019 How To Restart/Shutdown Using CMD - Windows Forum - …

How do I reboot a Ubuntu Server from the command line? sudo reboot now never seems to work for me. Because its a server, I don't have a window manager installed, so I can't do it from a GUI (which always seems to work). I've had the problem for years on different versions of the operating system. It happens in virtual machines and on real metal.

Sep 12, 2019 · To restart the Apache server, issue the command: sudo systemctl restart apache2 If you only change a configuration file, and need to reload that file, you can do so without completely restarting Jun 13, 2011 · Both of the scripts will need to be executable, which is done with the chmod command: sudo chmod 755 /etc/openvpn/; sudo chmod 755 /etc/openvpn/; Finally, restart OpenVPN with the command sudo /etc/init.d/openvpn restart. The VPN server is now ready to accept connections from clients (the topic of my next tutorial.) Details, Details 6.7. System Shutdown and Restart. To shut down the system from a terminal session, sign in or "su" to the "root" account. Then type ``/sbin/shutdown -r now''.It may take several moments for all processes to be terminated, and then Linux will shut down. How to Start and Stop Apache Tomcat from the Command Line (Linux) Apache Tomcat can be started and stopped from the command line. In this topic I will show you how to start and stop Tomcat from the command line in Ubuntu, which is a Linux distribution derived from Debian.

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Mar 13, 2019 How to restart samba server? - Ask Ubuntu Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchange How to Kill a Process from the Command Line - May 15, 2018 tsm restart - Tableau Tableau Server on Linux Help. tsm restart. Version: 2020.2. You can use the tsm restart command to restart Tableau Server. The command stops the server if necessary, and then starts it. Synopsis. tsm restart [global options] Option--request-timeout Optional. Wait the specified amount of time for the command to finish