I was able to register the product, then select pretty much any unused phone number I wanted in the US. I stuck with my normal area code and had magicJack pick a random number for me because a vanity number would cost me an additional $3 a year. After a couple of minutes spent, I was all ready to give magicJack a test run.

Nov 19, 2011 NEW magicJack Home Unlimited Local and Long Distance The magicjack includes 1 year of home phone service.After that it is $39 a year( $3.25 a month) or $99 for 3 years( $2.76 a month) or $130 for 5 years ($2.18 a month) It also includes use of the magicjack app (magicApp) on your Android or Apple phone or tablet.I use the magicApp on my android phone and get free mobile talk/text wherever I have MJREG.com Setup [Step-By-Step to Installing Your magicJack Jun 14, 2020 YourPhoneDevice - Common Magicjack problems MagicJack APP(available on Android/IOS) compatible with your" magicJackGO " registered number Very simple set up Try the new magicJackGO Exceptional call quality TOLL FREE +1 800 563 2116. Uniden Cordless Phone

Amazon.com: magicJackHome 2019 VOIP Phone Adapter …

magicJack Review 2020 | Wirefly Review of the magicJack GO Introducing magicJack GO, VocalTec's latest offering to their VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) customers, ideal for those on a budget. magicJack has established a loyal following with their previous products, such as the Desktop-only magicJack, magicJack+ (utilized RJ45 ports/connectors), and magicJack Plus 2014. With each release of a new magicJack product comes Small Business VoIP Phone Systems | magicJack for BUSINESS Find out how magicJack for BUSINESS can help grow your small business with affordable and reliable business phone solutions and VoIP services.

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Dec 18, 2014