Do you know if exists a sort of video streming proxy to put in each company site that has the external stream as source and be able to relay the stream to the local users? In this way we'll have only three connections to the external streming server and all others to a server in the same site, saving the MPLS bandwidth.

UnblockVid is a free web proxy that allows you to unblock videos, unblock streaming sites, watch streaming videos anywhere in the world. Free web proxy focused in unblocking video streaming sites (also adult websites). The server uses the same default configuration file whether it is configured as a directory server or a proxy server. However, when the server is configured as a proxy server, the configuration settings for the features that the proxy server does not support are ignored. Given below is a list of entries in the configuration file that are ignored by the proxy server: 8/01/2019 · Now it's time to send your newly configured video stream to your server. In OBS, click File > Settings. Click on the Stream section, and set Stream Type to Custom Streaming Server. In the URL box, enter the prefix rtmp:// followed the IP address of your streaming server followed by /live. For example, rtmp://IP-ADDRESS/live. After you have logged in to the Wowza control panel, you will see the services available, including live streaming, video on-demand and others. Select the service you want to start and click Overview (just under Options). Please see image with the black arrow. After you click Overview, a page opens for live streaming. A small player will appear

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Instead of going via a proxy server, streaming services, etc). Therefore, proxy servers need more manual work upfront while providing a less-than-stellar performance, while most VPN apps

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