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Cello Bridges - internationalviolin.com Despiau Cello Bridge, 1/2 size, Ecolier BELG Model Product Number: 3373 1/2. List Price: US$15.30. Your Price US$15.30. more Skin Bridge Protectors, pack of 20, Cello Product Number: 4702. List Price: US$11.00. Your Price US$11.00. more Cello Bridge, Belgiun Model, China. 4/4 size. 92mm Cello - Wikipedia The bridge holds the strings above the cello and transfers their vibrations to the top of the instrument and the soundpost inside (see below). The bridge is not glued, but rather held in place by the tension of the strings. The bridge is usually positioned by the cross point of the "f-hole" (i.e., where the horizontal line occurs in the "f").

Bridge Draco Series 4-String Electric Cello. 0 Reviews (0 Reviews) Product Price $ 2,788.00. Or $59 /month^ for 48 months * Details. Or $59 /month^ for 48 months * Details. Compare Compare Now site1prodJ10044. Display: Sort by: Page:

Cello and Basses tuned to pitch and the final height adjustment is made the following day. Violin Repair: With proper care bridges can last decades. Every time you tune the bridge should be straightened so that the back of the bridge is perpendicular to the top. Despiau No.C2 Cello Bridge 4/4 90mm – Thomann United States Cello Bridge Size: 4/4, Blank, therefore requires adjustment, Low bridge, Short mounting legs, French model, Top quality, Base width: 90 mm, Inner foot spacing: 35 mm Carbon Fiber Cello | Luis & Clark Instruments

Sep 01, 2010 · The bridge itself will be cheap, about $20 or so. However, it is not ready for installation! Every bridge on a cello (or violin or viola) needs to be fitted to THAT particular instrument. The repairman will measure the distances between each of the strings and the height of the bridge.

Cello Bridge Carving I've got my youngest daughter on a secondhand cheap 3/4 cello. The bridge had warped, and it started falling over from time to time. Getting a new bridge fitted by a music shop was going to be maybe half the value of the cello, and besides, getting someone else to do the job isn't very JAW-like, so I took on the job myself. Cello Identification, Repair and bridge adjustment - The