This document outlines CHF's initial appraisal of the recently announced pharmacy reforms and 6CPA. While there are some positive points of difference between last agreement (5CPA) and 6CPA, the current Agreement does not go far enough to drive improvements in terms of greater competition and innovation in this sector, resulting in greater accessibility and affordability for

Sample CCPA Privacy Policy Template - Free Privacy Policy Jun 22, 2020 New Claiming Portal Now Live - Pharmacy Programs Administrator If you have not previously used the 6CPA Portal and want to claim for the first time, please refer to the New Users section of our website. We recommend that users establish access to the Portal and claim as soon as possible in February, to ensure that unanticipated issues don’t cause any … Home Medicines Review - Pharmacy Programs Administrator Please note as verbal consent is only temporarily allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic the PPA Portal claim form will still have the question asking if Written Patient Consent is held. If verbal consent is held during this time please select ‘Yes’. COLLECTION AND USE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION

Patient Information and Consent Form / July 2020 1 STAGED SUPPLY SERVICE – PATIENT INFORMATION AND CONSENT FORM Your doctor has requested that one or more of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines you are taking should be provided to you in instalments. Another name for providing medicines in instalments is the Staged Supply of

CPA Firms Privacy Checklist -

What is CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and What

CPA Firms Privacy Checklist - privacy policies and procedures and identifies the purposes for which personal information is collected, used, retained and disclosed. CPA FIRM PRIVACY STATEMENT Although CPA firms are no longer subject to the notice requirements of GLBA, the AICPA’s GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS - MR Assist The 6CPA General Terms and Conditions are currently available in draft form and will shortly be updated to comply with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines. Updates to these terms and conditions will not change the intent of the programmes, but will provide additional clarity for participants. The programmes will continue to operate MEDSCHECK INFORMATION AND CONSENT FORM Consent Form / July 2020 1 MEDSCHECK INFORMATION AND CONSENT FORM A MedsCheck is a service provided by the Pharmacist that includes a review of the medicines you are taking and education to assist you with managing your medications. The service aims to help to improve medicine use with the goal of improved health outcomes. What is Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA